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Just a Drop of Oracle APEX

· One min read
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Photo by Johnny Brown

In a previous article, I had demonstrated how one could use Vagrant to deploy an OXAR virtual machine directly to Linode.

With Digital Ocean (DO) lowering their prices to match Linode's, I thought it would help the community if I created a similar set of instructions to deploy OXAR on DO. I took this a step further and have provided a branch on the Github repository with a modified Vagrantfile.

  1. Clone the branch:
$ git clone -b vagrant/digitalocean
  1. Install the DigitalOcean Vagrant Provider plugin:
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-digitalocean
  1. Make the installation files available over the web. For example, upload the files to Dropbox and create a shareable link.
  2. Update the with the shareable link and any other customizations.
  3. Generate a personal access token using the instructions available here.
  4. Update the Vagrantfile with your token and any Droplet customizations.
  5. Make sure that you have your SSH keys generated, if not, follow the instructions here.
  6. Run Vagrant:
$ vagrant up

It takes about thirty minutes to provision the VM. Enjoy!