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Preparing for the Hands-on Event

· One min read
Adrian Png

Here's a little weekend activity for those of you planning to attend our second ORCLAPEX-YVR meetup on June 17, 2015. To avoid network congestion during the event, please perform the following preparatory steps:

  1. Download and install Git (you may use other Git clients if preferred, e.g. SourceTree)
  2. Download and install OracleVirtualBox (version 4.3.28)
  3. Download and install Vagrant (version 1.7.2)
  4. Start a terminal session or the Command Prompt for the next few steps. Note: "vagrant" should have been added to your system path during the installation.
  5. Add the box "chef/centos-7.0": $ vagrant box add chef/centos-7.0
  6. Clone the oraclexe-apex project: $ git clone
  7. Change your working directory to oraclexe-apex $ cd oraclexe-apex
  8. Checkout the last release version: $ git checkout tags/v0.3.0
  9. Download and save the following installation packages on your computer:

That's it! See you at the meetup!