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Oracle APEX Meetup in YVR

· 2 min read
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My first adventure in organizing meetups started late last year with the creation of the Vancouver Research Data Management Roundtable. The goal of the group was to gather members of both academia and industry, and engage in discussion on topics, issues and solutions in managing research data. We have since found a new home for the group. If RDM excites you, then I warmly welcome you to sign up for our mailing list kindly hosted by The University of British Columbia. Though it does help that you live around the area! We have a monthly "Data Cafe" that is co-organized with the UBC library folks.

With that move, the opportunity opened up for me to start yet another meetup to make sure the Oracle APEX community in Canada had adequate representation on both the east and west coasts! Notice has been served to current VanRDM members, asking them to cross over to the new mailing list before I overhaul the website. The link however, has been secured.

I will not be pruning the members list come February 28, choosing instead to let members decide whether to stay or leave. After all, APEX is one of the best tools out there to help facilitate best practices in data management. So if you are like me: (a) living in Vancouver and (b) passionate about Oracle APEX, then I strongly encourage you to sign up immediately!