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· 3 min read
Adrian Png

Jigsaw puzzle pieces painted on a wall.

In my previous blog post on Get Started with Oracle Database 23ai AI Vector Search, I mentioned that it was not yet possible to use third-party REST APIs to perform tasks like generating embeddings and text.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Next up is text generation but there is currently an issue that prohibits the adding of credentials required to work with third-party REST APIs using the DBMS_VECTOR and DBMS_VECTOR_CHAIN packages on the ADB. Hopefully, this will be fixed very soon.

I am happy to post that with the latest database release update, this is no longer an issue!

· 9 min read
Adrian Png

An enigma machine.

While preparing for my upcoming Kscope24 presentations, I thought I'd introduce a section on Oracle's recently announced AI Vector Search that is now generally available with the Oracle Database 23ai rebranding and release. At the time of writing, you can either provision the new version of the database on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), download the Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) Free container image, or the Oracle Database 23ai Free. On the OCI, you can either provision an Always Free ADB, or an Oracle Base Database service instance.

The documentation provided by Oracle is comprehensive and should get you started. Here, I condensed everything that I have learned so far into a step-by-step guide to get you started quickly.