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Thinking Back, Looking Forward

· One min read
Adrian Png

After more than five years at the UBC James Hogg Research Centre (now also known as the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation), I am now ready to take the plunge and explore a familiar yet uncharted path. Familiar because I will continue working on a technology that I am very passionate about, though in a very different industry.

Photo by Dan Fador

I am grateful for the many opportunities to have helped design and implement technical solutions that improved the Research Data Management capabilities at the centre. These include the use of Oracle, IBM, Novell, Talend and several open source products that have helped enhanced how we performed Research Data Capture, high-performance data analysis and supported operational workflows at the centre.

While it's hard to leave my "baby" behind, as I start my new life chapter with Insum tomorrow, I look forward to bringing with me my passion for technology, the desire to help customers excel and contributing to the company's success.