Thinking Anew

Preparing for the Hands-on Event

Here’s a little weekend activity for those of you planning to attend our second ORCLAPEX-YVR meetup on June 17, 2015. To avoid network congestion during the event, please perform the following preparatory steps:

  1. Download and install Git (you may use other Git clients if preferred, e.g. SourceTree)
  2. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox (version 4.3.28)
  3. Download and install Vagrant (version 1.7.2)
  4. Start a terminal session or the Command Prompt for the next few steps. Note: “vagrant” should have been added to your system path during the installation.
  5. Add the box “chef/centos-7.0”:
    $ vagrant box add chef/centos-7.0
  6. Clone the oraclexe-apex project:
    $ git clone
  7. Change your working directory to oraclexe-apex
    $ cd oraclexe-apex
  8. Checkout the last release version:
    $ git checkout tags/v0.3.0
  9. Download and save the following installation packages on your computer:

That’s it! See you at the meetup!